How to Install Two Antivirus or more in One Computer

antivirusAppear several times a comment or question about what if we install two antivirus or more in a single computer. Some of us may conclude that the computer will be more secure from viruses, and some others may give opinions that it is not necessary. How should? Whether we need to use two or more antivirus in a computer? Next a little review on it. In fact, if not so required, it’s not recommended to install two antiviruses or more in single computer, except perhaps with a local antivirus that just to clean the virus only (manual scan). Antiviruses vendors self usually also recommend using only one antivirus.

What are needed to consider?

If you want to install 2 antiviruses in one or more computers, you may need to consider several things such as:

* Specifications of computers, make sure the CPU and Memory (RAM) enough. You can see the need or the recommended minimum of each antiviral.
* User can handle if both of them detect the virus.
* Match between the antivirus and the other one. If antivirus is not able to give a warning or do not fit with certain antivirus, it should not be forced.
* How will the give a higher priority.
* And probably also need to read the information / explanation of each antiviral.

What if both of antiviruses detect the same virus

When two or more antivirus are installed in the computer, it can and it is very possible that both antivirus detect the same virus. And sometimes this can cause problems, because if the virus detected is usually anti-virus will lock (file), so can not be accessed, run or even in the clear in the manual.

May occur when one antivirus will delete or quarantine the virus, it does not succeed / fail because the virus is in the lock (locked) access by other antivirus. If this happens, it can be one of the antiviruses must be switch off, and then the other delete to enter the virus to quarantine. Although it can not succeed, the other antivirus still can lock the file.

Do you still want to install two antiviruses?

If you still want to install two antivirus or more, but you worry computer will crash, error, conflict, or computer work will so slowly, this can be solved with activate only one antivirus. Mean?

Each menu usually have antivirus that work on the computer monitor at any time, such as: Active guard, Real-time guard, Proactive defense, Resident shield, Resident Protection, and so forth. To prevent conflicts and reduce the burden on the computer can be done with only the features for only one antivirus. While other anti-virus turned off (not activated), so only used to perform scan manually if needed only.

Or can also turn off the auto run feature or prevent automatic antivirus running windows, can be arranged through a program like Autoruns. There will be seen what the antivirus running when windows start (booting). But with the autorun just sometimes not enough, because the antivirus itself can activate the service through the windows (I checked the menu in the Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Services)

Experience is also important

This may also be made in consideration of the experience of others who had to install 2 antivirus in one or more computers. If you have friends who use two or more antivirus please provide feedback / comments. Whether there have been a problem or not, that can complement each other and become a science for us.